Our company history

Officina Meccanica in Barzago – Lecco.

L.D.M. Officina Meccanica located in Barzago (Lecco) is one of the leaders in Italy, Europe and all over the world for design, manufacturing, installation and start-up/commissioning of coil processing lines and for cutting coils into strips and sheets
(slitting lines and cut-to-length lines) for all kinds of steel and nonferrous metals.

L.D.M. Officina Meccanica was founded in 1979,
from the founder’s experience Mr. Magni Severino Knight Officer of the Order of the Italian Republic “For merits in the work”, who has always had the excellent quality of its products as its primary objective.
A tireless worker, an entrepreneur with exceptional intuition, which allowed him to create a solid company from scratch: the L.D.M.

LDM Magni Severino01

In the picture: Knight Officer of the Order of the Italian Republic “For merits in the work” Magni Severino

Today, after 40 years of experience, this family machinery business founded by their father is successfully continued by his sons who run the company that takes their names, in fact L.D.M. means Luca, Davide and Marco and the qualitative excellence of the creations is still the primary goal that the founder’s sons pursue.

LDM Magni Luca Davide Marco

In the picture: on the left Magni Gianluca, his mother Panzeri Maria Gabriella, his brothers Magni Marco and Magni Davide at the 40th anniversary party

Their main investment policy is the constant increase of the quality of produced machineries through using the most up-to-date technologies and design solutions, as well as the highest accuracy of CNC machine-tools used in the production.