Recoilers, uncoilers and mandrels

Decoilers, recoilers and mandrels

All LDM decoilers and recoilers are completely designed and built in our factory. And our best reference is the fact that they are used by our customers all over the world. 

The capacity of our decoilers is from 500 kg up to 46 tons and coil width from 500 to 2100 mm. There are several available options – single or double mandrels, motorized or idle as well as some special options for working speed up to 500 m/min along with tensioning control devices.

All the parts and components are made of high-quality steel and heat-treated after rough machining to ensure the strength and inability for deformation over the time.

The well-known features of our decoilers and recoilers: Quick change of coils, Design strength, Reduced program of technical maintenance.
All the above features ensure a long-life and low operation costs of our products.