Stackers – Conveyors

The stackers are combined with the cut-to-length lines (CTL) and constitute the final part of the manufacturing process where the sheets cut to size are stacked and packaged in a semi-automatic and / or fully automatic way according to the customer’s requests.

LDM produces different types of stackers, depending on the speed of the line and the type of material to be processed.

Depending on the performance of the line and the type of material to be processed, the LDM stackers are specially designed and manufactured according to the specific application.

LDM offers different types of stackers:

  • Sliding stacker
  • Mechanical stacker with sheet support rolls (anti-creep)
  • Magnet stacker
  • Vacuum stacker

Technical features:

min. stackable length             100 mm
max. stackable length            16000 mm
min. stackable width              100 mm
max. packages capacity         15 ton. max.

max. line speed                     150 mt/min.
max. thickness                        16 mm
min. thickness                         0.3 mm
max. width                              2250 mm
min. width                             100 mm

LDM, based on the type and characteristics of the material to be handled, designs and manufactures different types of conveyors, which can be with rolls and / or chain and different types of pallet loading and unloading systems with stacked sheets.