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Slitting lines - Slitter

Material thickness from 0,3 mm TO 16 mm, max coil width 2100 mm, max coil weigth 40 t., max line working speed 500 m/min

LDM Slitting lines are designed with the latest standards of technology and completely made in our factory.  Our Slitting lines can be used for processing  hot and cold-rolled galvanized, pre-painted  and stainless steel coils, as well as nonferrous  materials - aluminium, copper and brass coils.Our designers develop all the new projects according to the customer needs and requirements,  so all our lines  are customized according to  the individual requirements.Our  slitting lines use  the most advanced  quick –change tooling systems  where manual  operations are minimized  that allows  our customers to minimize the tooling change time as well.  The advanced technology of our slitting  lines allows to provide an excellent quality of coils slitting  as well as  tight  and  flat strip recoiling  after slitting.  Our lines are equipped  with the latest generation of control systems and automatization according to our customers needs and requirements.