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Our company history

LDM  machinery company located  in Barzago (Lecco) is one of the leaders in Italy and Europe for design and manufacturing  of coil processing machineries – slitting and cut-to-length lines. LDM  designs and  builds coil processing machines for  all kinds of steel and nonferrous  metals  of  0.3-16 mm thickness.

LDM  was founded in the early 70s by Severino Magni, Knight Officer of the Order of the Italian Republic “For merits in the work”.  For over 40 years, LDM  has always had as its primary target  the excellent  quality of its machinery products.  

Today, this family machinery business founded by their father is successfully  continued  by his sons. Their main investment policy is the constant  increase of the quality of  produced  machineries   through using  the most up-to-date technologies and design solutions, as well as the highest accuracy  of  CNC machine-tools used in the production. 

The LDM management  considers  that  “Just in this case, it’s possible to offer  the most up-to-date, reliable and  quick returning costs  new equipment  to their clients  including the highest  technical and operation  parameters”.

And  successful deliveries of  LDM  coil processing machineries to the Italian and other international markets  for many years just prove the right policy chosen by the LDM management.



 Today, the LDM company designs and builds the following  coil processing machineries: 

  • Fine leveling machines and cut-to-length lines 
  • Slitting lines 
  • Coil rewinding lines
  • Material feeding lines for presses
  • Revamping  used  lines following the latest  technologies 

As well as separate machines and units  such as: 

  • Uncoilers and recoilers
  • 4H/6H  Fine multi-rollers levellers
  • Flying shears
  • Rotary shears
  • Stackers for cut-to-length sheets
  • And some other special machines

Besides designing and manufacturing the new equipment LDM company also provides the customers with the following technical service:  

  • Installation and/or supervision of the installation and commissioning at the customer factories;
  • Testing and start- up of the supplied equipment at the customer sites; 
  • Training customer’s personnel for operation and technical maintenance of the supplied equipment;
  • Guarantee service according to the international practice;
  • Teleservice via modem connection for monitoring operation of the electrical and electronic equipment to eliminate technical malfunctions during the guarantee period; 
  • Post-guarantee technical service including teleservice support and our technicians visits for regular and/or urgent technical check-ups and maintenance of the equipment;
  • Telephone consultations during and after the guarantee period;
  • Regular supplies of spare and quick-wearing parts after the guarantee period.